Opportunities at UF

Being a journalism student at the University of Florida is one of the better thing that has ever happened to me. There is no school in the world I would rather attend, or feel more comfortable attending than UF when it comes to what I want to do with the rest of my life. The resources here are incredible, state-of-the-art, and I am extremely blessed to be able to attend this school and use these facilities. The Center for Media Innovation + Research, or CMIR, is such a great resource for this school, and I’ve loved getting a chance to utilize all the resources the INC and CMIR have to offer.

I have gotten to practice live shots, edit scripts, cut video, and truly act as an anchor during my time so far at UF, and I know these wonderful opportunities would not be as available if I were to attend other schools.


Here’s an Awesome Shot of the CMIR! Courtesy of: cmir.ufl.edu


This is a photo of the first live-shot I did in the Newsroom!


Here’s an overall photo of the CMIR and the TV screens down there. Courtesy of: cmir.ufl.edu


The Tipping Point Review

The Tipping Point was surprisingly a really really engaging read for me. Much like Don’t Make Me Think, I was pleasantly surprised with how profound and informative The Tipping Point ended up being. As a typical college student, I usually look toward required reading with a dreading feeling, almost already discrediting it as boring or lackluster before I even crack the cover. So, naturally, I started The Tipping Point the same way, and was really hooked right when I opened it.

Gladwell has an entertaining and engaging writing style, and that’s so apparent reading just the first couple words of The Tipping Point. It is really cool to see how The Tipping Point illustrates that exact moment, that exact boiling point from just the very first example.

Hush Puppies. HUSH PUPPIES! I know the stigma I always thought attached to the shoes… they were uncool, only older people wore them. To be absolutely drab or lame, for lack of a better word, to a hot commodity or something that countless people are flocking to the stores to by… that’s incredible. THAT is the tipping point.

As Gladwell mentions, Hush Puppies were then worn by just one group of trendsetters, and that’s all it took. They absolutely took off. That was their tipping point. Personally, I think that is pretty neat. Just one group of people who are watched, or significant, or impactful make the decision to wear a particular article of clothing and then all of a sudden, it snowball effects to so many other people, making Hush Puppies now an established brand, a brand that is significant and well known.

The tipping point is essentially that last straw, the straw that breaks the camel’s back, the time where a little effort goes a long way—makes a huge difference. That is exactly what happened with Hush Puppies, but that’s not the sole illustrated example of the tipping point that Gladwell implements in his novel.

A tipping point, according to Gladwell, is something that is sticky—something that retains well by each new recipient. In addition, he writes that a tipping point must operate in a context that nurtures it and hopes to fully inspire its success.

Gladwell talks about television programs, namely children’s shows like Sesame Street and Blue’s Clues. He discusses that these shows had very powerful messages on how to mix real people with animated characters, the idea of meshing fantasy and reality. As a nineties baby, I can very much attest to the inventiveness of both of these programs, while also taking note of how successful they both were.

I absolutely LOVED both shows, wishing I could be the real people who were featured in the programs. They were both definitely novel ideas, and I liked that Gladwell brought that to my attention, because I would have never thought of it that way.

All in all, I thought the novel was really great. Gladwell made great points, and truly illustrated for the reader what it meant for an idea to hit its tipping point, and even more so, what would make each idea stick!

I would recommend the story to anyone!

My Incredible Classmates II

I visited more of my classmates’ blogs– three just wasn’t enough.

So I paid a visit to Ben Bornstein’s blog on basketball. With March Madness in full swing, Ben’s blog was helpful giving an inside look on the game, and his passion for it. 

Going off of that, I also visited Bobby Scheppske’s blog about Gator basketball. I’m so happy that the Gators have made it to the Sweet Sixteen, and it’s cool to see Bobby’s insight about UF sports!

Finally, I visited Trevor Sikkema’s blog–also about sports. Trevor aspires to be a sports reporter. I do, as well. It was cool to see his aspirations, and compare them to mine. 

I really loved getting the chance to see all of my classmates’ blogs!

My Incredible Classmates

So, I’m here to take a break from Dance Marathon (God forbid just seventeen days before the big event!) to talk about some of my awesome classmates in RTV4283. First is Elizabeth Beisel, an unbelievable Gator swimmer and silver medalist from the London 2012 Olympics. Elizabeth’s blog is inspiring, exciting, and reading her blog really makes me feel as though I am there.

In addition, I read Taylor’s blog about news. Since I, too, want to get into broadcast, it was cool to see her perspective on what to wear in the newsroom. Taylor has such awesome advice, so it was so cool to see her blog.

Finally, I visited Jesse’s blog. I’ve had quite a few classes with Jesse over the years, and still learned that he was born in Puerto Rico, I didn’t know that! It’s crazy to think you know a lot about someone, when everyone has really cool tidbits about them that you may have never known!

Screen Shot 2014-03-26 at 4.48.42 PM
This is my comment on Jesse’s blog!


Screen Shot 2014-03-26 at 4.45.08 PM 1
Here’s my comment on Taylor’s blog!


Screen Shot 2014-03-26 at 4.42.56 PM
And finally… my comment on Elizabeth’s blog : )

All About Missy

Missy Perez is a third year Telecommunications student at the University of Florida. She is originally from Tampa, Florida, and is the youngest of four. Post graduation, Missy hopes to work in sports, as either a reporter, or she would love to work with communications, advertising, or marketing for a Major League Baseball team. In addition to sports, Missy loves working with kids, and for that reason, she spends her summers as a counselor at Camp Laurel South in Casco, Maine. She is also heavily active as a Morale Captain with UF’s Dance Marathon. Missy’s favorite movie is Love Actually, she is a self-proclaimed Slytherin (but the noble kind), traveling is one of her favorite things to do, she absolutely loves cats, and she is solely responsible for the fact that Gainesville’s sour candy supply is dwindling. You can find her resume here, and read about all of her adventures with Dance Marathon here.

 photo photo_zps8cc42364.jpg
The Perez family: Alex, Cheryl, Alex, Didi, Mike, & Missy.

 photo 1239641_10151551939656191_1560758021_n_zps41c96366.jpg
Missy participating in Dance Marathon as a Morale Captain.

 photo IMG_0942_zpsac452650.jpg
Missy and three friends in front of the Sydney Opera House; Sydney, Australia; Study Abroad May 2013.

 photo 14d6ba0f-998f-456a-8482-92ac87ab2baf_zps168bc42c.jpg
Missy and her campers at Camp Laurel South.

Staff & Stuff

With Dance Marathon quickly approaching, everyone is SO excited for the 20th year, including the Morale team. We had our meeting tonight, and discussed how for staff are due Friday!

Staff is a great opportunity to get involved in Dance Marathon especially for people who are not dancers or captains. It’s a little less of a commitment, but still a lot of the experience! Staff are so useful and appreciated, and I really loved having a staff on my team and theme hour last year.

I am personally SO excited for DM! Almost as excited as I was this night which blows my mind that it was over forty days ago.


So unbelievably hard to believe that it is only ONE MONTH until Dance Marathon at UF! I can’t even hide my excitement. It truly freaks me out how quickly time is going though, as it seems like my post on January 23rd that said we had eighty days to go was just YESTERDAY. And now, we have just thirty. I can’t begin to wait. I’m SO EXCITED!